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Inspired Beauty

Inspired Wellness includes caring for your skin. The remarkable BellaGIA line of “Inspired Beauty” products provides instantly visible benefits – through the optimal delivery of skin nourishing, age-defying ingredients. Experience what hydrating “health food for your skin” looks and feels like!* For more information on bellagia produducts, click the link below. Continue Reading

Inspired Nutrition

The NutraGIA line of “Inspired Nutrition” products has been designed to supply your body with the essential nutrients that most diets lack. When taking NutraGIA products in conjunction with GIA’s patented i-H2O, you are assured to receive support in your body’s natural absorbtion and utilization of nature’s best nutrients.* For more details on Nutrigia products,… Continue Reading

Business Opportunities

Whether you are sharing the purpose, mission and vision of GIA as a part-time or full-time business endeavor, you have the opportunity to: Earn significant income through multiple GIA revenue streams Get paid weekly, monthly, quarterly, and through special bonus incentives Build a thriving business that grows exponentially Enjoy international growth Earn long term residual… Continue Reading


The GIATrim Weight Management System is comprehensive Weight Management Program – based on years of science and research, and powered by GIA’s proprietary nutrient delivery technologies. GIATrim is based on three simple & effective steps: CLEANSE your body, CURB your appetite, and use LEAN protein to replace meals.* The GIATrim Weight Management System The GIATrim… Continue Reading


The TerraGIA line of “Inspired Energy” products allows you to thrive in an increasingly stressful and wireless world. They are designed to address the effects of daily stressors, including electromagnetic radiation. You’ll discover a renewed sense of well-being, and a calming peace of mind.*   For more details, click the link below. Continue Reading


By combining the super-liquid nutrient “delivery river” that is the GIA i-H2O, with potent nourishment for the body – both inside and out – GIA Wellness products are designed to provide an unparalleled quality of hydration, nutrition, and energy. Through AquaGIA, you too can reach new heights in how you look, feel, and live.* -H2O… Continue Reading

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