I asked the Father for the revelation of how things work, both spiritually & naturally?  This is His reply:  I’m so glad you asked Angie!  I created you to work in unison with the spiritual realm.  That every purpose you were created for would EFFECT the natural and the spiritual realm simultaneously in UNITY changing atmospheric pressure and give a divine realignment.

You are destined to change in the spiritual and natural because of your realignment with me and my presence.  Every thing you touch or do is subject to change.  SPEAK to every mountain and call it into alignment with my purpose.  Your declaration WILL change lives, plans, business, finances and future quickly and effectively without a burden.

What a strategy the Father has given us.  After he gave me this strategy I made a new declaration speaking to the mountains in my life and I added it to Declarations Blog.  Remember when GOD gives a promise to someone you can receive it to.  Blessings!