The GIATrim Weight Management System is comprehensive Weight Management Program – based on years of science and research, and powered by GIA’s proprietary nutrient delivery technologies. GIATrim is based on three simple & effective steps: CLEANSE your body, CURB your appetite, and use LEAN protein to replace meals.*

The GIATrim Weight Management System

The GIATrim Weight Management System is the crowning achievement in creating a fully comprehensive, effective Weight Management Program – one that is based on decades of science and research, and powered by GIA’s patented and proprietary nutrient delivery technologies. Thousands of people are already experiencing phenomenal results with GIATrim!

GIATrim is based on three simple, yet highly effective steps:

  • Gently CLEANSE your body
  • Effectively CURB your appetite
  • Use LEAN Protein as your meal replacement – to keep caloric profile and intake at the proper levels, so you can lose weight, while maintaining lean muscle mass.

With the easy-to-follow GIATrim System, YOU are in control of how many CLEANSE days you’d like to enjoy per week, or when you need to CURB your cravings. YOU are also in control of which flavors and/or sweeteners you may want to use with your GIATrim LEAN Protein Powder.

The benefit-driven formulas in GIATrim products feature more than a dozen unique ingredients that are often purchased as separate (and costly) supplements to enhance weight loss. Someone may opt to buy one, or maybe two individual supplements, when trying to reach their weight loss goals. As an example, people often purchase Garcinia Cambogia by itself, and add it to their “diet” to assist them in releasing fat. Others may purchase Konjac Root as a dietary fiber – to increase their sense of fullness. You’ll be glad to hear that none of that is necessary when you have GIATrim. For example, GIATrim LEAN contains both Garcinia Cambogia and Konjac Root – in addition to all the other amazing ingredients that make up this pure, vegan, and unsweetened protein powder blend, which makes incredibly scrumptious and nutritious smoothies.

Even when people are looking for effective portion control and/or ways to suppress their appetite, they often buy Green Tea, and/or L-Carnitine to help support their body’s metabolism. Again, both of these ingredients are found in GIATrim CURB – along with a number of other well-known appetite suppressants – all of which are designed fend off those cravings that can derail someone’s weight loss efforts.

All told, you’ll find more than a dozen highly effective, nature-based ingredients across the three GIATrim products. In addition, both the liquid CLEANSE and CURB are powered with GIA’s revolutionary single-file alignment technology SFA – designed to support optimal nutrient absorption and utilization – and all GIATrim products are bio-energized with GIA’s proprietary Energy Resonance Technology (ERT).

Last but certainly not least, in addition to the result-driven GIATrim products that keep you on track with your physical nutrition requirements, the “H.E.A.R.T” of GIATrim provides extraordinary support in addressing the potential psychological reasons which can cause people to overeat and/or being unable to release their unwanted weight.

With thousands of pounds and inches already having been lost by countless satisfied GIATrim customers, we invite you to explore all that GIATrim has to offer and find out, how this groundbreaking Weight Management System can help you achieve the body of your dreams!

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