Power of Agreement

Angie Stevens is a Wyoming native, married to Ron over 30 years. They have raised two delightful children: Russell, an Electrician Journeyman and Natasha, a wife to Brant Iden, & a Mother to Ira and Ezmie, who are total blessings.

Angie was born with rejection from the womb and lived in that vicious cycle for more than 30 years.  As God started the healing process she was able to come out of that dark tomb and start living the life & identity that her Heavenly Father saw her being.

After an intense snowmobile accident she suffered endocrine trauma, chronic illness  & auto immune disease. After much Medical trial and error, the Lord directed her steps to Natural Healing where she now owns her business Synergetic Health.  At 48 years old she has returned to school to become a Naturopath Doctor to help others with their Health Issues and to help them become the best person they can be.

God has opened the doors of ministry through Angie’s teaching and ministry.  The Good Lord has turned her lifelong journey of rejection into a blessing. She learned that agreement created the outcome. With many years of rejection, Angie made agreements that were ungodly and tainted, which created bad outcomes, negativity, criticism and more rejection. After breaking wrong agreements, the story is being rewritten, creating a VICTORY for Angie and her family with The Power of Agreement. No longer living as a victim but a VICTOR!  She has a testimony to share that releases healing, deliverance, restoration and hope to others.  She also lives her life with a GOAL to have Nothing in COMMON with the enemy by living an UN-OFFENDED life through releasing Judgements, & unforgiveness.

Healing is a CHOICE and the Mission is Possible through Faith, Hope and our Words.


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