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On average, we drive a staggering 540 hours each year. Throughout the past decade, advanced navigation and communication technologies have turned cars into major frequency-saturated zones. Battery-powered hybrid cars present an even bigger concern, emitting significant amounts of potentially disruptive, man-made frequencies. Considering the importance of energetic alertness while driving, we believe that it is essential that we surround ourselves with the right kind of energy.

The GIA Car Harmonizer is a convenient way to enjoy an energetically harmonious environment in your car. Simply place the GIA Car Harmonizer in your car’s center console or attach it to your key-chain, and enjoy! In addition to its energetic qualities, the Car Harmonizer also features a handy, environmentally friendly solar charger (now with larger capacity) for a number of your electronic devices, as well as a bright LED flashlight. The GIA Car Harmonizer has been called “a smart, 21st century way to assist with stress everywhere your drive takes you.”

Important: The “GIA” decal (containing the patented/proprietary GIAplex Technology) which is incorporated in the Car Harmonizer, has a lifespan of two years, at which point replacement is recommended. You can order the replacement decal here!

Product Benefits

  • Designed specifically for use in automobiles (including hybrids)
  • Powered by GIA’s proprietary, dual-action GIAplex™ technology
  • Also features universal solar charger (NEW with larger capacity) for multiple hand-held electronic devices (2 cables, 3 universal adapters included)
  • Bright LED flashlight!

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