Fenix XT Energy Drnk 15 Sticks



This refreshing mango peach flavored powdered energy drink mix helps support energy, stamina and performance.
Energy is a precious commodity. When you have it in abundance, you can accomplish anything. When you don’t have enough, life becomes an uphill battle that fights you at every turn. XT packs added hydration and a powerful boost of energy so you never have to fight an uphill battle ever again.

Guarana and Caffeine: Less caffeine than other brands. Two types of caffeine that enter the bloodstream at different rates so you can get a fast, long lasting feeling of energy. Guarana, which has been used for centuries, can help boost memory and focus.
Rhodiola: Been used by Olympic athletes to support stamina, endurance, and energy.
Ganoderma mushroom powder: An ancient secret in healthy plants, the Ganoderma mushroom powder maximizes the health compounds of the mushroom.  15 Sticks

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Weight .27 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1.5 × 6.5 in


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