This pocket-sized Smart Card is the intelligent way to energetically enhance any food or beverage you consume – by transferring its vital energy onto them. You’ll be amazed by how good “smart energy” tastes and feels!*

Product Overview

The GIA Smart Card has shown to effectively enhance a wide array of foods and beverages. To experience the unique results for yourself, try the Smart Card under any of the following:

  • Liquid Nutritionals
  • Fruit Juices
  • Tea & Coffee
  • Water
  • Milk
  • Wine
  • Various Foods
  • & Much More…*

Consumer Survey Results*


… of GIA Smart Card users surveyed reported one or more of the following benefits when ‘charging’ beverages and food with the GIA Smart Card

  • Energetically more potent and much better tasting foods and drinks
  • More energy throughout the day


Whether you use it in combination with beverages or food, the GIA Smart Card energetically delivers a wide range of amazing results!*

Just try the Lemon Test and see for yourself!

  1. Cut a lemon into two halves
  2. Place one half of the lemon on a dish or plate
  3. Place the other half on the GIA Smart Card
  4. Wait 10 minutes
  5. Taste the lemon wedge you placed on the Smart Card
  6. Then taste the other lemon wedge. You’ll be amazed at the difference!*


For more information or to view product videos, click the link below.