Even while living a healthy, active lifestyle, the effects of undue stress can compromise your sense of well-being. The GIA Smart Strips have been designed to reinforce your body’s natural energy field, providing relief and energetic support – simply and effectively.*

Product Overview

Research has shown that living in a highly stressful world full of energetically draining toxins, including electropollution from wireless devices, drains our body’s vital energy field – the biofield. Wellness experts are quickly recognizing the importance of products that assist in reinforcing the strength of the human biofield – your first line of defense against life’s many stressors. The innovative GIA Smart Strips have quickly made major waves in the wellness industry as a premier biofield care solution.*

The GIA Smart Strip Set is a collection of energetically entrained, flexible circles, strips, and patches. They come in three convenient sizes and are available with or without a medical grade adhesive for easy application. Whether your body craves less stress, more energy, better balance, or a greater state of comfort, the GIA Smart Strips are the perfect solution for people that care about the state of their energetic wellness.*

Smart Stix™

GIA Smart Stix are 1.5″ dual-sided adhesive discs for aid in positioning/application of GIA Smart Strips. Each Smart Strip Set include 15 Smart Stix. Smart Stix refills are available for purchase in the GIA Wellness store.

Consumer Survey Results*


… of GIA Smart Strip users surveyed, reported one or more of the following benefits when applying the Smart Strips to parts of their body:

  • Less discomfort in the area of the body where the Smart Strip is placed
  • More flexibility and better range of motion


  • Energetically optimized with ERT to reinforce your body’s natural resilience to the effects of everyday stress *
  • An effective way to support your body’s natural ability to alleviate stress & discomfort *

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