Synergetic Health offers a variety of Therapies, Classes, and Parties (in the shop, online or in-home). Below is information on what we offer. For more information or to book a therapy session, class or party, please Contact AngieSynergetic Health Brochure 2020


Available Therapies:

  • Raindrop Therapy $75 / Couples R.D. Therapy $140
  • Vita Flex $55 
  • Emotional Release $55
  • Body Feedback $45 / couples $80
  • Body Code $45 
  • Natural Health Scan $55
  • Vibrational Authentic Touch $75
  • Vibrational Raindrop $75
  • Consultations $45
  • Weight Management $35/Youth – $55/Adult/


purpleleafRaindrop Therapy with Essential Oils (drink water before & after therapy)

Raindrop Therapy or Technique is a sequence of anointing with oils and laying on of hands, bringing structural and electrical alignment to the body in a relaxing and invigorating manner, through the power of essential oils. It facilitates healing by stimulating every organ, muscle and bone of the body at a cellular level, by applying oils to the feet and spine using anointing and techniques, such as Vita Flex, feathered finger stroking and dropping oils like a raindrop. The oils and techniques relieve stress and pain. It aids in the detoxification process, as well as wards off viruses and bacteria, while improving bodily function.

orangeleafVita Flex Technique

Vita Flex means vitality through the reflexes.  It consists of electrical stimulation using the pads and nails of the fingers in a rolling motion to fire voltages into the body through reflex points.  Combining Vita Flex with aromatherapy oils, releases energy into the nerve pathways to assist in the healing of our bodies.  Vita Flex Session clears the Colon, helps the Respiratory system, clears the Sinuses, Head and Brain, works the Heart pump, helps the Ears, clears the Lymphatic System, and realigns the Hip/Atlas.

pinkleafEmotional Release & Spiritual Healing

Emotional Release allows healing with oils, prayerfully releasing and receiving. Our bodies contain 100 trillion cells, each of which contain 6 Gigabytes of memory and unresolved emotional experiences recorded in the cellular memory (DNA) and remain stored until dealt with. Emotions can be stored anywhere in the body, not just in the brain and heart. Repressed emotions block us from access to our cellular record of God’s perfection, preventing us from attaining the full measure of our creation.

 When we are in an emotional experience and we own, accept, face and deal with that emotion, that emotion has been resolved. When emotions are resolved our lives become more productive and our sense of peace and happiness increases. When a negative feeling is released and deleted from our DNA, we open the way for healing. Prayer has been scientifically proven to raise the frequency in your body. It is a higher frequency then any oil. When combined with essential oils, you are getting the most out of any therapy and increasing the healing process.

   Vibrational Raindrop & Authentic Touch

Vibrational Raindrop & Authentic touch is the application of Essential Oils with tuning forks in pairs at various points on the body during the procedure. While raindrop works very well alone, the addition of mechanical vibrations of specific frequencies greatly enhances the healing benefits and results in therapeutic results not obtaining with the oils alone.  It’s a healing technique that combines aromatherapy, reflexology, massage, and moist heat. It promotes healing and supports the body’s mental, physical, and emotional balance through structural and electrical alignment of the body.


blueleafBody Feedback

Body feedback is using oils to clear meridians, so the body can heal itself. You check meridians to find root issues. It’s analyzing which oils work best for your body!    

  pinkleafBody Code

Using a specific oil to help body obtain optimal Health. Revealing whether it’s BONE, CIRCULATION, INFLAMMATION, MUSCLE, LIGIAMENT/TENDON or INFECTION problem in the body.


purpleleafNatural Health SCAN

Gives pages of Information where body is out of BALANCE and gives SOLUTIONS to bring BODY back into balance.  It scans with FREQUENCY revealing root issues.  It helps target imbalances in Hormones, Vitamins, Emotions & Minerals.  It shows problems areas like Dehydration, EMR, Viruses, Bacteria, Parasites, Environmental Contaminates, etc.

Make your appointment today by contacting Angie!  You can receive a Scan right in your own home.  Free Scan is available for any Host doing a Health Scan Party.  Click on Link for Details Health Scan Party



Synergetic Health Shop carries a limited supply of Products for your convenience. Here is a sampling of items you may find in the product page.

  • Romantic Love Lotions with Natural Ingredients
  • Natural Homemade Health products
  • Healthy Cosmetics
  • Homemade Lotions & Creams from Natural Ingredients
  • Body Feedback Oils Set
  • Compass Health Scans
  • Norwex Chemical Free Cleaning Products
  • Monat Healthy Hair Care Products
  • Natures Sunshine Chinese Herbs & Vitamins
  • Young Living Essential Oils
  • Gia Wellness Hydration, EMR Protection, & Health Products
  • Organo Healthy Coffee, Teas, Hot Chocolate and Shakes

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