This is a Testimony from my Upline:  Casey!!  Do you remember a few months back one of my wholesale accounts had called me to reorder coffee, and when I asked her how she was doing, she told me how her husband had just been diagnosed with cancer and basically sent home to die.???

He had cancer on his VERTEBRAE that they said would continue to grow and spread down his spine, cancer in his nasal cavity which was the original location of the cancer, as well as cancer in nearby Lymph Nodes….

WELL, I obviously told her about the SPORES and the SHAKES because she also had mentioned that his appetite was terrible.

She had me order SPORES, SHAKES AND COFFEE, and she got her husband on them right away and has been faithfully ordering about every other month for him for the past 5-6 months or so.

SHE just called me to reorder, and to tell me that VIC had an appointment today and the cancer on the SPINE is GONE!!  It is also GONE from the LYMPH NODES and the tumor inside his NASAL CAVITY has shrunk tremendously and is almost non existent!!!  AND YES, the DOCTORS are SPEECHLESS.