What would be a WRONG AGREEMENT you may ask??  Well I try to set my standard of living by the word of GOD which I consider is all TRUTH!  To me anything that is contrary to what GOD says, “you are” is a WRONG AGREEMENT!

Many of us have an Orphan Mentally which is not living up to GOD’S TRUTH of who is says we are.  For Instance He says, we are His Children when we accept Jesus as His son, the Messiah, who was born in the Flesh and resurrected.  He says, we are co-heirs to Christ, we’re ADOPTED into HIS FAMILY.  We are the BRIDE of CHRIST.  We are children of the KING!

All good, BUT do we really believe it in our heart???  Many of us are listening to the LIES of the ENEMY that tell us DIFFERENTLY!!  It’s TIME to BELIEVE all that God has done for us, all that he has given us.  Every Promise in the BIBLE is for US!!  To believe he is a GOOD DADDY, that Loves us JUST the WAY we ARE, BUT wants us to LOOK and ACT more like HIM.  We were created in HIS IMAGE!  When any NEGATIVE SELF TALK comes into your MIND remind yourself WHO you are!  You are Special, You are Unique – one of a KIND, You are LOVED!!!